Why I’m Obsessed with Striped Shirts (+ a Special Gift Discount Shopping Code for You!)

Why I’m Obsessed with Striped Shirts (+ a Special Gift Discount Shopping Code for You!)

Black and white striped shirts fascinate me. Not only do my favorite tops feature the contrasting lines, but I am also drawn to others who wear them. 

I remember someone saying horizontal stripes break a fashion rule. It was something about making one’s figure look wider and drawing the eyes away from the best features. Whatever. 

Fashion-smashion, says I!

Because I don’t see your worst features when you wear stripes. I see a journal page. 

A blank page, full of potential. 

Empty lines, anticipating the beautiful story about to unfold. 

Untouched white space, urging us to create margin in our lives. 

A fresh journal absolutely thrills me—blank pages standing at attention for all God is about to do. I get a similar thrill when a white-striped t-shirt comes into view. 

I muse about those shirts; how would you fill the “page” you are wearing? 

  • With a to-do list with satisfying check marks?
  • Lines marked by distracted doodling?
  • Perhaps front, back, sleeves and collar would be overrun with angry ink marks, bleeding a story of pain that finally found expression. 
  • Swashes of expert calligraphy displaying a calculated image?
  • Crayon scribbles of a page hijacked by the early seasons of motherhood?
  • Teardrop stains that blur the labored ink of pen-marks made in sorrow?
  • Contemplative Coffee rings and well-enjoyed muffin crumbles scattered across the page? 

These lines I see—journal pages, striped shirts—this is your life. You are bursting with possibilities. God is ready to write something beautiful and compelling, if you let Him. 

So wear those stripes. Get dressed with potential. Display your page, ready for the flourish of God’s handwriting. Live that abundant story your Father is composing. 

I for one, can’t wait to read it. 

P.S. No one has more potential than a child in foster care. How cute is our little guy wearing his striped onesie!? This little man just might end up with the last name “Rosty” written into his story. Would you pray for us to remain close to Jesus as we wait for all the pages to unfold? And to trust Jesus, however this story ends up. Thank you. 


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