Love Both: How We Can Make Room For Both Justice and Mercy in the Abortion Conversation

Love Both: How We Can Make Room For Both Justice and Mercy in the Abortion Conversation

Dear Christians,

On the day abortion ends, will we be ready for the needs that will surface?

  • Hurting women who feel hated or shamed for their pregnancies.
  • Scared couples who do not have mentors to walk the road of parenthood with them.
  • Abandoned babies, gasping for breath in a dumpster.

Like you, I am ready to see abortion end for good, but I have to confess: I pray more often for the end of abortion than I pray for the beginning of wholeness for ALL families.

If we believe God will do it—that God will provide an end to abortion and life for all babies, then we must provide a major shift in culture to prove we are ready for it.

We must make room in our lives to reach out to insecure expecting parents, to love hurting women, and to disciple fatherless young adults who never knew they could make different choices.

Our homes and families must expand to welcome not just the unwanted babies, but sometimes to extend a loving invitation to their birth parents as well.

“…And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” Micah 6:8

Today, I am applauding you who have made room for both:

  • You share pro-life ads on Twitter, AND at the same time, you have signed up for an adoption home study.
  • You made a call to our states’ legislators, AND then you picked up the phone again to call to your neighbor who is a single mom. You let her know she is not alone, you are here to help.
  • You donated to both a pro-life group AND to Lifesong for Orphans, so on the day when funding is finally cut for abortions, funding will be more than available for adoptions.
  • You have not just wept over babies who are dying… at the same time, you wept prayerfully for the abortion-vulnerable women who are spiritually dead, that Jesus loves deeply and is calling to be born in Him.

You inspire me to do both: Justice and Mercy. Championing righteousness and extending kindness for broken people. And above all, walking humbly with our God through the mess of it all.

PS: If you share this post, would you please tag someone you’ve seen loving the broken and hurting in profound ways today. Let them know we are cheering them on.

Note: I wrote this shortly after the recent developments in the abortion conversation surfaced. I believe in humbly praying over what I write before I post it. In that time, I have already seen dozens of posts, conversations, blogs, and even a Sunday sermon with the same intention of love and mercy and preparedness. I believe the Holy Spirit is moving in a profound pattern and it will be our privilege to pay attention and be a part of what He is doing. This is my way of saying, I am listening and I am ready. Let repentance and obedience start with me.


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