How My Kids Got Saved [Hint: It was all Jesus]

How My Kids Got Saved [Hint: It was all Jesus]

My kids accepted Jesus Christ as Savior this week!

I wasn’t expecting it, to be honest. As we drove home from church, my daughter asked if 5-year-old’s were old enough to accept Jesus. She and I dialogued for a few minutes about how everyone needs Jesus to be their Savior and Lord of their lives. My son, her twin brother, rode along next to her, quietly humming and singing to himself. Suddenly, he stops humming, folds his hands, and prays right there on the spot “accept you Jesus as my Savior and in charge of my life.”

My heart jumped when I realized what was happening through my view in the review mirror. The Holy Spirit had clearly quickened his little heart to action! He lifted his eyes, his face a beaming with a smile, and he proclaimed, “I did it! Jesus is my Savior.”

The lightbulb came on then for my daughter, and with the biggest smile on her face she bowed her head and confessed her need for a Savior from her sins.

All while I am navigating the interstate home from church.

I’m not sure what I’ve been expecting this whole time I’ve been praying for my kids’ salvation, but I can tell you it was all Jesus. He did the work on the cross then and in their hearts now. We are just so grateful we got to be a part of what He has been doing.

After we got home, Shane spent the afternoon coaching both of them about what the Bible says about salvation. He is an amazing shepherd of their hearts. I am so privileged God gave us these moments to walk them into this decision.

In addition to praying for their salvation since before they were even born, we have also been very intentional about a few things:

  1. Education. We invest time in reading story Bibles, watching Bible-based movies and shows, and perusing good children’s books about why Jesus died and rose again. We get excited to worship at church and participate in the Wednesday night kid’s programing. It is a priority for us and our kids. In our home and in the car, we often talk about our sin nature and need for a savior, and that good things do not make us right with God, only Jesus does. Shane and I have also made it clear what the Bible says about salvation. That it does not say “ask Jesus into your heart,” rather salvation comes when we make Jesus Lord of our lives and accept him as savior from our sins (see Romans 10).
  2. Autonomy. As much as I have wanted to have my kids repeat after me in a prayer for salvation, I felt deeply convicted that I needed to avoid that method. Shane and I both coach our kids in how someone might give his or her life to Christ in salvation, but we never prompted them to do it in the moment. As a recovering people-pleaser myself, I wanted to avoid any mama-pleasing from getting in the way of true repentance.
  3. Celebration! There are lots of moments we make a big deal about in our kids’ lives, and we want their salvation to be remembered as big-time celebrated! We made “basagna” and brownies, roasted s’mores, and called the grandparents to share the news.  We popped some bubbles (my kids love bubbles!) and shot off confetti cannons. We explained next steps and now both very excited to be baptized. My daughter asked if she could now have the special snacks they pass around at church (communion). I said, “Oh yeah, sister!” (Don’t you want to have the same kind of enthusiasm to being able to participate in these moments with God’s family? I know I do!)

Our twins entered God’s family in the same way they entered our world: 2 minutes apart. I cannot express my elation for the whole miracle of it. I am praising God for answering this prayer Shane and I have fervently prayed for. Welcome son and daughter, now brother and sister-in-Christ, into the family of God!

Tell me, who are you praying for to receive Christ as Lord and Savior? I’ll add them to my prayer list!

In gratitude,


🌟 PS: How precious is it that they get to share the same spiritual Birthday as my grandma, who had accepted Christ as her Savior two years before! The Lord is faithful and oh so good!!!


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