Can an Author & Influencer Break-Up with Social Media?

Can an Author & Influencer Break-Up with Social Media?

After a lot of consideration, I have decided I need a year without social media. As an author, speaker, and blogger, social media is deemed “necessary” to maintain influence in our world. I have to disagree for three reasons:

1. Jesus never asked me to beg for a platform. 

At 16 years old, I received the call from God to be a youth pastor’s wife and to champion the encouragement of others in their relationship with Jesus. Not many years after that, social media seemed to take over the world. And it took over my calling with it. 

It seemed the only setting for me to influence people was as an “influencer.” Turns out, at least for me, social media is one of the biggest distractions to real-life investments in actual-in-front-of-me people. This whole “influencer” gig leaves me dried out, insecure, lacking compassion or gratitude, and totally preoccupied. 

Plus it’s all convoluted. We mostly only influence those we PAY to see our posts. There are limits on the viewing traffic a post is allowed to receive, and getting spontaneous shares feels like a never ending rat race. 

I am realizing that social media influencing is not the only way to make a difference in the world. It is certainly not the most effective share an important message! As I approach my year-off of Instagram and Facebook, I look forward to the real-life ways I’ll be able to encourage people to celebrate their relationship with Jesus! 

2: I Want to Position Myself for a Miracle.

One thing I pray for often is for the message God gave me in Joyfully Ever After to spread wildly across this world. I want young (and even the not-so-young) women to celebrate their identities in Christ as the most important thing in their life.

When I published my book, I took a short course on book marketing and proceeded to do all the things recommended to promote my book. The social media marketing techniques became, for me, an endless treadmill. My efforts never feel like enough. I got super stuck. In my mind, Instagram & Facebook were the only way anyone anywhere ever would hear about my book. Way too much time and effort put in for little return.

Then I prayed for a miracle.

I prayed for God to breathe life into my book sales for His glory. I asked for help and a new way to see this whole author branding thing. I thought a miracle would be gaining 3000 followers over night. But He showed me something far more meaningful.

So I stopped believing in instagram to share the good news about Jesus and started believing in Jesus to do so. And I cannot wait to show you what else He showed me for spreading the word about Joyfully Ever After.

3. I am fed up with the anxiety-prison of our culture. 

It’s pervasive among the young ladies I work with.

Most of the time, the best thing I could say to these girls is, “get off social media! Find freedom and liberty to soar again by deleting all your accounts.”

If I’m not willing to do this, how will they?

So I’m out, for the sake of the gospel. For the sake of freedom.

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“We write to taste life twice…”- Anais Nin. I believe in the power of clearly communicated truth. I write and speak to rediscover my own relationship with Jesus and to spark a bit of enthusiasm in others for their own journey with Jesus. Thanks for dropping by and picking up some renewed excitement for yourself!

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