Planning Your Wedding: Is It Really All About the Bride

Planning Your Wedding: Is It Really All About the Bride

Spring is here and wedding season is upon us!

I know planning a wedding can seem daunting, but it is still an amazing privilege! You get to finally embrace a new and exciting identity as the wife to the man of your dreams, and that is a wonderful reason to celebrate.

While weddings can be fun for everyone else involved, the big day is really all about you.

After all…

  • You’ve concentrated 10+ years dreaming about it,
  • YOU have been officially planning on Pinterest for at least a year or more,
  • It’s your dress, your pictures, YOUR fairy tale come to life!


Maybe….. or maybe each wedding magazine, all the bridal blogs, and every white dress-related episode on TLC have missed the point.

Maybe it’s not all about the bride.

Before you get angry and punch your screen, remember you’ll need it later to check “The Knot” for your wedding check-list.

If you are still here, allow me to comfort you in saying that your wedding is mostly about you, just not completely.

If you are a Christian, then you have become a child of God. As a daughter of the King of kings, you are His beautiful princess. On so many levels, you should be celebrated!!! Also, this event which unites two people in covenant should be commemorated and recognized in a way that says to the whole world “this matters!!!”

Unfortunately, many weddings are planned in a way that ignores the One who gives it all significance. So many brides fail to fill out an invitation for the King of kings.

Even if God is invited to a wedding, does He take center stage? Does His goodness receive as much honor as the wedding cake?

I’m not suggesting you hang a big poster of John 3:16 above the alter; I’m just asking this:

Where God’s place is in your wedding?

Have you have intentionally included the Savior Who intentionally included you in His wedding ceremony? (see Ephesians 5)

As you begin to plan your wedding, make a point to put this command at the top of your goals list:

“So whether you eat or drink (or have an indoor or outdoor wedding), or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.1 Corinthians 10:31

With all the overwhelming wedding planning information out there, can the daughters of God change the Top Wedding Trends list of this year to include “Glorify Jesus”?

Here are some ideas:

  • When you look at your wedding plans, ask who or what is center stage?
  • Ask your future husband, “How can we honor God privately (in our personal walk with Him), and publicly in this time of planning our wedding and marriage?
  • Pray about your wedding plans; feel free to bring every detail to the Lord. He cares.
  • Choose a Christ-centered officiant and be vocal about how you are envisioning the ceremony.
  • Consider incorporating worship music during your ceremony or afterward (my husband and I ended our reception with worship, then a hundred hands reached over us to pray for our brand new marriage. It was amazing.)
  • Pray for the vendors you work with (florist, baker, etc.). Pray for their salvation.
  • Use one of these fresh ideas for your unity symbol.
  • Ask your photographer to capture times of prayer.
  • Start your honeymoon off with communion. (I will never forget walking into our honeymoon suite to bread and wine, and my husband kneeling to say, “I choose to reflect Christ’s sacrificial love to you, my wife, and to love you and guide you as Jesus loves and guides his bride.” Still. Blows. My. Mind.)

Jesus longs to be preeminent in all things, including our wedding plans, first because He is worthy, and second, because He knows it bring more joy, more satisfaction, more wholeness to our lives than anything we do when we put ourselves first. In a society of selfie-obsession, I applaud you, dear bride, for putting Jesus in the center frame.

With Joy,




PS: Are you already married? Currently planning your wedding? Comment below with what you would add to this list!


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“We write to taste life twice…”- Anais Nin. I believe in the power of clearly communicated truth. I write and speak to rediscover my own relationship with Jesus and to spark a bit of enthusiasm in others for their own journey with Jesus. Thanks for dropping by and picking up some renewed excitement for yourself!

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