8 Reasons Moms Need Christmas Too (It’s not just for the kids!)

8 Reasons Moms Need Christmas Too (It’s not just for the kids!)

Does it feel like we just did this?

Like we just finished last year’s Christmas. I found my Christmas to-do list like it never left my coat pocket. And I jumped right back into the routine of checking off each item.

People all around me are going through the motions in a similar way, oblivious of the wonder and relief that Christmas is meant to bring. We get so caught up in making it perfect for the kids, we miss God’s intention for our own hearts.

In many ways, these five weeks from Thanksgiving to Christmas have been redirected by our enemy. Peace and joy have been traded for

  • Exhaustion
  • Busyness
  • Conflict
  • Numbness
  • Rushing
  • A stagnant maintaining of traditions

I am convinced that, as a grown woman, I desperately need Christmas. (Sorry Kranks, no skipping Christmas for me). Especially as a mom, I need to treasure this season as a celebration of God’s plan to save the world, not my plans to make my kids happy on December 25.

Here is what God has taught me about What Christmas Means for Moms over the past few Decembers.

  1. Christmas makes the Mundane things matter (Jesus’ birth confirms it).
  2. It reminds us to make Sacred Spaces: room for Jesus in our hearts and homes at Christmas.
  3. That Jesus came to bring Joy for ALL people, including busy, tired moms.
  4. Christmas gives us a better Reason To Rush during the Holidays (hint: it’s not for Black Friday.)
  5. and makes sharing our faith a gift and privilege.
  6. It is a great time to embrace advent traditions (here’s How to Simplify them for those years with little ones.)
  7. Christmas movies like this one compels to embrace hospitality and disciple-making in a whole new way.
  8. Christmas means I am safe, held, and can have peace. It’s like a blanket for of grace.

May these treasures I have discovered become bright spots in your own Christmas.

With warm hugs to you,



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